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out the village with my family.

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Anmeldedatum: 24.08.2017
Beiträge: 132

BeitragVerfasst am: 23.08.2019, 09:00    Titel: out the village with my family. Antworten mit Zitat

I no longer eat pears since the age of 10. The family said that it was eaten by pears, but I don��t think so. The remote village in Hebei where I lived was mostly jujube, apricot or camphor tree, and there were few pear trees. Xu is a "pear" and "off" homophonic, and the simple folks are somewhat taboo. However, the front and back of the house were filled with rows of pear trees, and the pear trees in the form spread to the neighboring villages indiscriminately, occasionally separated by the oil-and-oil crops. This small village, the village's few houses and villagers, like a spring in a green dream, the exposed pears like the fairy in the dance, a lot of sprinkling. Even walking in the town, the feet are not the dust, but the soft white petals. Changing clothes before going to bed, together with the petals that don��t know when to get into the clothes, is a common thing. If spring is a hearty painting, then autumn is full of passionate poetry. This kind of sight can be pushed earlier. Just after the summer solstice, our naughty children, saliva has grown wild with the pears. Whenever you walk under the pear tree, you will unconsciously raise your hand and try your next one. Here, we call the immature pears as "open wood", which is hard to chew like wood, and is not good. The pears are open, and our hearts are happy. The pears on the tree are crisp and sweet, and the door is clear. I often pick a tree that I like, like other friends, sitting on the tree stalk and picking the pears that are not green. To be precise, it��s not eating, it��s a bad practice �C pears slammed on the trunk a few times, licking the mouth to the crack and sucking a few mouthfuls of juice inside, then throwing it, picking a new one... and I The favorite thing is not this kind of pear, but a kind of honey pot. The pears are bitten by the insects and no longer grow. They hang on the branches and ferment. After a while, the skin is not brown, and it is covered with a sticky pear porridge. Tear a small mouth, like a pear wine when you are eating, all of them are sweet. A few cockroaches and shit, or which adult is pulling the neck to greet the child to go home and the coachman's whispering sound, the slang seems to be like a dream, the village is more peaceful and quiet. In the season when the pears are ripe, the village is full of fun. In the woods, there are men, women and children carrying baskets. They climbed on the trees and stood on the high stools. They stood on the ground with their necks, their faces, and their hands. The woods in the woodlands were full of hills. Heap of pears. The children ran and laughed again Marlboro Red, when the adults shouted. The road between the forests is like a big zipper The vehicles coming from all over the place pull up the dust and smoke. When you drive away, it looks like a pregnant woman. The pear basket almost blasts its belly and walks like a twist Marlboro Gold. Goose. The contribution of pear trees to the villagers has not stopped. When the pear trees were replaced, people cut them into durable pear wood furniture. The leaves on the winter trees have fallen, and every household collects them for cooking or warming up. The mother often said that Jinzhuang is a treasure trove of nourishment. No one has ever been hungry, and no one has ever been hungry in the age of saving food. . The ancestors of the village are like the most far-sighted crickets. They smashed the pear trees to be the mothers of the small villages. They worked hard on this barren sand land, and squeezed out the milk that made generations of children and grandchildren. I have not been from 10 years. Eat pears. It��s not that I don��t love, but I��m pulling out the village with my family. I can��t buy the pears from my hometown in the streets and alleys of the city. How to eat is not the mouth and taste of the country.
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